Install OpenCV for Native Client

This article will show you how to install OpenCV 2.4 as a shared library (glibc) for Native Client (Pepper 28). The article was used for setup on Mac OS X 10.8.5, with x86_64 architect. However, Linux and Windows instruction should be similar.

1. Prerequitsites

OpenCV depends on several important libraries such as bzip2, zlib, NaclMounts and at least one decompression/compression library to handle common images such as libpng/jpeg/tiff. Our article will focus on libjpeg only. Those libraries need to be built in both 32-bit and 64-bit architect as dynamic library using NaCl Glibc toolchain (Pepper 28).

In order to build the 32-bit and 64-bit shared libraries for NaCl, the 32-bit and 64-bit version of NaCl gcc/linker need to be used respectively. To make this easier in the tutorial, we make the following environment variables:

Note: In case one of the link in the article failed to work, a backup link can be found here.

export NACL_SDK_ROOT=/Users/thai/apps/nacl_sdk/pepper_28
export NACL_PREFIX="$NACL_SDK_ROOT"/toolchain/mac_x86_glibc/x86_64-nacl
export NACL_64="$NACL_SDK_ROOT"/toolchain/mac_x86_glibc/bin/x86_64-nacl
export NACL_32="$NACL_SDK_ROOT"/toolchain/mac_x86_glibc/bin/i686-nacl

1.1 Bzip2 for Native Client

  • Download Bzip2 v1.0.6, extract to your local directory. Makefile-libbz2_so is the file we want to use for 'make', we want to change the gcc toolchain parameters to instead of using the regular OS 'gcc', it will use the NaCl gcc in $NACL_SDK_ROOT/toolchain/mac_x86_glibc/x86_64-nacl/bin/
  • Run 'make -f Makefile-libbz2_so' on bzip2 with the following parameters, then copy the library into NaCl toolchain.

make -f Makefile-libbz2_so CC=$NACL_64-'gcc -m64'
cp libbz2.so.1.0.6 $NACL_PREFIX/lib64/libbz2.so
make clean
make -f Makefile-libbz2_so CC=$NACL_32-'gcc -m32'
cp libbz2.so.1.0.6 $NACL_PREFIX/lib32/libbz2.so
cp *.h $NACL_PREFIX/include

1.2 Zlib for Native Client

  • Download Zlib-1.2.8, extract to your local directory. Zlib is using autoconfig to generate Makefile, we will need to run this tool first then modify the GCC toolchain into NaCl one.
  • Run './configure --enable-shared' on zlib, then run 'make' with the following parameters.

./configure --enable-shared
make shared CC=$NACL_64-'gcc -m64' AR=$NACL_64-ar ARFLAGS=rc CFLAGS='-O3 -DHAVE_HIDDEN' LDFLAGS='-O3 -fPIC -DHAVE_HIDDEN' LDSHARED='$(CC) -shared -Wl,-soname -Wl,libz.so' SHAREDLIB=libz.so SHAREDLIBM=libz.so.1.2.8 SHAREDLIBV=libz.so.1
cp libz.so.1 $NACL_PREFIX/lib64/libz.so
make clean
make shared CC=$NACL_32-'gcc -m32' AR=$NACL_32-ar ARFLAGS=rc CFLAGS='-O3 -DHAVE_HIDDEN' LDFLAGS='-O3 -fPIC -DHAVE_HIDDEN' LDSHARED='$(CC) -shared -Wl,-soname -Wl,libz.so' SHAREDLIB=libz.so SHAREDLIBM=libz.so.1.2.8 SHAREDLIBV=libz.so.1
cp libz.so.1 $NACL_PREFIX/lib32/libz.so
cp zlib.h zconf.h $NACL_PREFIX/include

1.3 libJPEG for Native Client

cd jpeg-6b
patch < nacl-jpeg-v6b-makefile.cfg.patch
  • Run './configure' on jpeg-6b, then run 'make libjpeg.so' with the following parameters.

make libjpeg.so CC=$NACL_64-gcc CFLAGS='-m64 -fPIC -O2 -I.' LDFLAGS='-shared -Wl,-soname -Wl,libjpeg.so -o libjpeg.so'
mv libjpeg.so $NACL_PREFIX/lib64/libjpeg.so
make clean
make libjpeg.so CC=$NACL_32-gcc CFLAGS='-m32 -fPIC -O2 -I.' LDFLAGS='-shared -Wl,-soname -Wl,libjpeg.so -o libjpeg.so'
mv libjpeg.so $NACL_PREFIX/lib32/libjpeg.so
make install-headers prefix=$NACL_PREFIX

1.4 NaclMounts for Native Client

  • Download NaclMounts, nacl-mounts.patch and our custom Makefile
  • Go to your local nacl-mount directory, copy the Makefile into this directory, applying the patch and run the following commands (Assuming you already set the environment variables in the begnning of the article)

cp Makefile nacl-mounts/
cd nacl-mounts/
patch -p0 < ../nacl-mounts.patch
make ARCH=x86_64 BIT=64
cp libnaclmounts.so $NACL_PREFIX/lib64
make clean
make ARCH=i686 BIT=32
cp libnaclmounts.so $NACL_PREFIX/lib32
make install-headers

2. OpenCV for Native Client

OpenCV need to be built in cross-compiling mode, to easily do that with cmake (build tool of OpenCV). We specifiy set CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME=Linux to force cross-compiling for Linux target. A OpenCV-nacl-cmake script is written in order to facilitate the build process if you have already setup the environment variables in the previous step.

2.1 Setup source code

  • Download OpenCV 2.4.2, opencv-nacl-cmake script
  • Extract OpenCV to your local directory.
  • Create 'nacl/m32', 'nacl/m64' directory in OpenCV-2.4.2/ for building 32/64 bit version of OpenCV Native Client code.
  • Copy OpenCV-nacl-cmake script into nacl/ directory.

tar xvf OpenCV-2.4.2.tar.gz
cd OpenCV-2.4.2
mkdir nacl
cd nacl
mkdir m64 m32
cp ~/Downloads/opencv-nacl-cmake ./

2.2 Patch OpenCV I/O Library (persistance.cpp) / Exclude building of apps

In order for OpenCV to read/write to files in Native Client, a new file system library need to be used. This patch replace all the OS system calls for file I/O with NaclMounts library.

  • Download persistance.cpp patch for OpenCV 2.4.2
  • Copy the patch to your OpenCV dir, and apply the path using these commands

cp ~/Download/opencv-nacl-persistance.patch OpenCV-2.4.2
cd OpenCV-2.4.2
patch -p0 < opencv-nacl-persistance.patch

We also need to tell cmake to not build any of the applications come with OpenCV (those apps don't need to be ported). This can be done by simple move the CMakeList.txt file in apps directory

mv apps/CMakeList.txt apps/CMakeList.txt.old

2.3 Configure, build and install

  • Run ./opencv-nacl-cmake with the following parameters to configure and build the library. The following bash commands also install the both 32/64-bit version of the library for OpenCV. Because of the namming convention of Native Client, we have to move the lib/, lib32/, lib64/ directory around in order to install the architecture correctly.

cd nacl/m32
../opencv-nacl-cmake i686 32
make -j8
unlink $NACL_PREFIX/lib64
ln -s $NACL_PREFIX/lib $NACL_PREFIX/lib32
make install
unlink $NACL_PREFIX/lib32
ln -s $NACL_PREFIX/lib $NACL_PREFIX/lib64
cd ../m64
../opencv-nacl-cmake x86_64 64
make -j8
make install

You have finished installing OpenCV 2.4.2 for Native Client Pepper 28. Next, we will write some simple applications adapted from the OpenCV's tutorials to perform face detection in Google Chrome (link).

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